15 Trends for Hotel Marketing in 2015

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2015 is set to be a great year at marketing digital for hotels, with an explosion of exciting new marketing tools in a rapidly changing environment.


1 – Content 'taillor made'

2015 will see a rapid rise in personalized web experiences. Hotels should develop content 'taillor made', made to the measure of each client, considering their references and behaviors.


2 – Reservations Mobile: a trend?

Mobile usage will continue to grow at an accelerated pace throughout 2015. However, it is not a trend: in 2014, 50% of the bookings were made through this channel. The forecast for 2015 is 25%.


3 – Using booking

Many of the hotel website users have been abandoning these booking platforms (not leaving them to be important). By 2015, different marketing tools are expected to be used in order to take the customer to action (bets on the AIDA model: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action).


4 – Meta Search

The challenge for 2015 is to develop mechanisms for Meta Search (search engines that use search history results and interests, providing indexed results of personalized information according to the profile of each user / consumer).


5 – Payments Mobile

2015 will see the bulk of the population become Mobile payment for mobile hotel reservations. Last year, the online research industry witnessed a wave of alternative payment methods such as PayPal , with 1 in 4 mobile transactions made through these channels.


6 – Branding

2015 will be a focus year on 'branding' different channels.


7- Social media - Pay to Play

It is necessary to monitor significant changes in social networks, which will affect the social reach of promotional content, leading to a greater need to pay for this content to be seen.


8 – Customize!

The focus should be on the customer: look at the hotel through the customer's look. It is urgent to create experiences and products focused on the interests of customers.


9 – New SEO

Marketers must push the boundaries for organic traffic. 2015 is the new SEO year - where optimization moves away from traditional tactics and focuses more on the overall customer experience across all channels.


10 – 'Programmatic Marketing'

Currently, 35% of the advertising investment is made in display advertising, bought through programmatic technologies (with recourse to programmers). (Statistical Source: Business and Leadership).


11 – Audio-Visual Content

Studies show that people remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read and 80% of what they see. 2015 will see the growth of the visual narrative, or strorytelling through images, allowing hotels to develop a vibrant and committed community.


12 – Marketing Strategies That Value Experiences

2015 will witness a growing marketing strategies that value experiences. Today's consumers want to stay with hotels that recognize their preferences and desires. Develop an engaging brand and product that creates excitement and excites emotions!


13 – Proximity Marketing

2015 will be a year of betting on new technological tools, with the aim of reaching the target customer. Example of mobile marketing based on location.


14 – Baby Boomers

The baby boomers constitute 33% of internet users. It is imperative that hotels include this generation in their digital marketing strategies in 2015.


15 – Holistic Approach to Revenue Management

The rapid change in consumer behavior will require hotels to adopt an integrated approach to revenue management through greater sales and marketing involvement in the decision-making process. Their convergence will be crucial for the management of distribution channels by 2015.


Source: Tourism Inovattion Lab / Netaffinity


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