Pinterest dicas para o setor do turismo

3 Tips on Pinterest for the Tourism sector by Ivo Madaleno

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Pinterest is a social network that helps people find things that they love and inspire to do these things in their lives ... And what is more inspiring than planning that dream trip?

There are already 70 million users around the world, and in June, 45% of new accounts created were already outside the United States. It was considered the best social media site in 2012 and 2103, and is no longer a "HOT TREND", but a channel to take into account and with great potential, being already the 4th largest source of traffic to the sites at level (source: shareaholic).

Travel, food and events are among the most popular categories in this social network, being a perfect fit for companies in this sector. I'm going to talk about three points that I consider important when defining your strategy for Pinterest.

1. Integration

The slogan I evangelise is: Integration! When you think of a new means of communication or communication for our company, it must be integrated into the existing ones and align the objectives with those of the business. And also integration of virtual space with physical space, this is one of the strengths of the Pinterest that leads people to make in their lives what they find there: the dream trip, the weekend at that romantic hotel, family vacations in that fabulous park ...

2. Listen and adapt

Caso jetsetter, Pinterest e turismo

see link >>

A fantastic example of what can be done in Pinterest is the case of the Jetsetter travel site which already has 4.6 Million followers. They held a contest where they invited members of their site to build albums that show the most inspirational sites within 4 themes: Getaways, Adventure, Style and Cosmopolitan. A jury, made up of some personalities, chose the winning albums that won a prize. Results of this action? for a month more than 50,000 images were shared, increasing traffic via pinterest at 100% and page views of the site at 150%.

Very important was that they were able to see what motivated the people and what they liked the most in the site helping to build their own albums according to these preferences. they also analyzed which images of the site worked best and adapted their content strategy.

TIP: Did you know that you can check which images on your site are currently on Pinterest? Just type in your browser the following address: (replacing with the address of your site), so you can immediately get an idea of what is captivating your customers.

3. Collaboration

One of the most potent means for exposure and organic growth for your Pinterest follower base is group albums (you can create an album and invite others to post PINs with you). What will happen? this album and your PINs will gain extra visibility as it will appear in user accounts you've invited and create a "community" linked by a common theme. I can give a personal example of an album that I created to promote the most fantastic places in Portugal.

loveforportugalsee link >>

It's one of my most popular albums and we've released some of the most special places in Portugal every day.

Travel Texas, an official tourism entity in Texas, has for example an album where it invited several users to share what can be done in the region.


see link >>

Pinterest has a huge potential and is expanding a bit around the world, companies that position themselves right now will surely be the ones that will be in the future, evolving with the platform and will be seen as examples of the their niche markets. Are you going to want to stay out?


Happy Pinning!
Ivo Madaleno

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