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We are witnessing radical changes in the way we deal with the Internet to take advantage of the full potential of this medium. In the last article we talked about the advantages you can get in terms of free promotion by customers in the Foursquare , today we offer another piece of advice.

The consumer no longer admits getting to a cafe, a bar, a hotel, etc., and not have at their disposal free Internet. On the other hand, when they make network available some businessmen have the habit to put a password (usually complicated) that customers have difficulty introducing. If you do, you need to know that you are taking a risk: your customer can move to the next door to easily access a service that is now considered basic. If this happens, you lose more than this customer, because people increasingly want to share with friends where they are, what they are doing, what they are buying or eating. This means that you will also be giving up free promotion, which is what you mean by a "check-in" in the Foursquare, a photo on the Instagram or a "taste" in the Facebook, etc.

Do you really want to give the customer the opportunity to promote your company? Do you really want to give up the possibility of encouraging your client to make this sharing, whether through cards, posters or direct requests? Of course not!

In short, the Consultur is that you have free internet for customers (and no password!) because the return of this investment is certainly guaranteed.

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