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blog monitTHE Brand communication in the digital world is imperative nowadays, but it is sometimes difficult to get a sense of the impact that this communication is having, so it has to be monitor the brand to discover opportunities, analyze the competition, detect user comments, and much more.

For this you can use free and very simple tools that allows you check what is published about your company, your competition, a certain topic, etc.:

By completing the requested fields, Google periodically submits a report by e-mail on the relevant results of the references to the keywords selected.

Choose the keyword that interests you and get results on what's posted on various platforms.

Choose the keyword that interests you and get results on what's posted on Twitter

Choose the keywords, phrases, places, etc. of your interest and get advanced results on what is published on Twitter

Choose the keyword that interests you and gets results on publications, Tweets, Photos, Videos and Influencers on various platforms

Choose the keyword that interests you and obtain associated results in Blogs, Pictures, Videos, questions, just as it is possible to obtain some statistics and also other results like Top Users, Sources, User sentiment, etc.


There are a wide variety of tools but these are a good starting point to monitor the brand, making decisions about the communication strategy online.


Source: Social Target | Carolina Afonso and Letícia Borges


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