Do not define Positioning, it is a missed opportunity

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coluna_apoio-a-gestaoIt is understandable that many people can not understand what Positioning is, so the purpose of this article is to convey, in a simple and brief way, its meaning and importance.


Positioning is the way we want to be seen by our target audience. When we define the positioning we are choosing the company's distinctive and distinctive features, this is, in what kind of product or service it is and why it differs from the competition.


If the company chooses to transmit this message it will avoid spontaneous positioning by the market, avoiding Summary "labels", allowing a direction in the direction that is favorable to him, within a Marketing Mix strategy.


Consequently it will be communicating more effectively with part of the target audience, so the positioning can only be decided after the deep knowledge of the consumers, the segmentation of the market and the target choice that is wanted. Position, means giving up some clients to become stronger and more attractive to others.


Unlike the Marketing plan, the definition of Positioning has a broad horizon, moreover, it must be in in line with the organization's marketing policy and strategy.


Unfortunately, companies are not always successful in this process and in fact, what the target audience thinks about the product or service, is not what companies would like it to be. Therefore, we advise you to choose marketing professionals to help with this task.

THE Consultur have a competent team to support your company in choosing the right way!

Source: Mercator XXI


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