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With the biggest update ever in the service, Google introduced the redesigned new version of Google Maps. The user now has the possibility to create personalized maps and the more interact with the map, the greater the effectiveness of the tool.

 Google apresenta o novo Google Maps

The Mountain View company started this Wednesday the conference Google I / O 2013, the annual event dedicated to programmers in which Google presents its main products for this year. Along with the Google Play Music All Access, updating Google Maps was a major news. The Google map service now features new features ranging from the ability to create custom maps to full interactivity.

With the new version of the tool, the user can click anywhere to center the map in the selected area. This option displays useful information about the selected location (contacts, hours of operation, facade photos and comments from other users), similar locations and the best way to get there by car, bus, train, bike or on foot.

However, if these features do not represent a great new feature compared to what Google Maps already presented, it is now possible to view the locations searched from various angles (thanks to the photographs published by the users and the Street View functionality), compare the routes of various means of transportation to find the best route, and as you search for new locations, if you bookmark your star destinations, you may receive suggestions for restaurants that may interest you or faster routes home.

Among the innovations of the tool is the change of routes according to the time of day and according to the traffic, as well as the possibility to search only places evaluated by people known. "Technology must do the hard work, and people should deal with what makes them happy," said Larry Page, CEO and Google co-founder at a conference in San Francisco.

"The more you use, the better"

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