To COMMUNICATE it is necessary to PLAN!

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The moment a company decides to communicate with its audience, those who think they just have to put a nice photo on Facebook of the organization to be doing an effective promotional action are disappointed.


Communicating presupposes a strategy, This strategy has to be based on studies and a internal and external to the company. Therefore, all companies wishing to make effective communication must, first and foremost, make the Marketing Plan.


The Marketing Plan is a document with the Marketing Action project for a generally 1 year period and aims to answer the questions, Where is the company?Where you go? and How are you getting there?  The advantage of drawing up this plan, in addition to strategic planning, is the accountability of the entire organization fulfillment of the objectives set out therein.


The Marketing Plan should address the following issues:

  • Diagnosis of the situation: market, competition and company analysis (internal and external analysis)
  • PEST Analysis and SWOT Analysis (external analysis and summary of previous analyzes, respectively)
  • Marketing Objectives (specific, measurable, attainable and realistic goals)
  • Marketing Strategy (what to do to achieve marketing objectives)
  • Marketing Mix (set of tools that the company uses to pursue its marketing objectives)
  • Marketing Budgets (estimated costs of the previously planned actions)
  • Results Control (how to check whether or not the marketing objectives are to be achieved)

THE Consultur develops Marketing Plans for companies that are in the design phase as well as for companies that are already in the market and that realize the need to make proper and effective communication.


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