Consultancy in Management of Social Networks.

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"Pinterest has tremendous potential and is expanding a bit around the world, companies that position themselves right now will certainly be the ones that will be in the future, evolving with the platform and will be seen as examples of their niche markets. Are you going to want to stay out? ",  Ivo Madeleno


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It is no longer Social Networks play a central role in the dissemination of tourism companies. The only drawback is that they rob the professionals a lot of time and hiring human resources for this function, is usually out of the question.

For that we present the ideal solution: Consultancy in Social Network Management.

We offer the following services:
- Creation of the company's online presence
- Training of the company's human resources in the optimization of social networks
- Social Network Management (only Facebook or Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, Google Places and Foursquare)

We are available to make free quotes for your company.

Contact us by e-mail or by telephone number: 915 287 753.

In this competitive market, we can help differentiate ourselves.


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