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When you have a problem or a need, what do you do when you need more information? Go check with Google, of course! We live in an era where what is not on Google, does not exist!


For this reason, companies that want to be in the market in a professional way, their own web page has to be the starting point, the main channel of communication with the customer.


Many companies are choosing not to have a website and only work on social networks, especially Facebook, but what is the credibility that is passed on to a prospective customer who searches for information and faces only the Facebook profile of their company?


The web page is essential for:

  • Transmit Identity and Brand
  • Transmitting Vision, Mission and Values
  • Convey Trust and Credibility
  • Appear in Google searches
  • Transmit all information about your services and products
  • Provide contact details and their location
  • Have a portfolio and customer testimonials
  • To be a starting point for the dissemination of information on Social Networks
  • Ability to pick up emails and contacts from people interested in establishing communication with your company

The objectives of the corporate web page have to be to pass the brand image, provide all the possible information that clarify the customers without having to contact you and take advantage of the various means available (eg capture of e-mails, neswletters, etc.). .) to contact the prospect on a regular basis.


THE business web page should not be just your business card must have the means and functionalities of to maintain a personalized relationship with the customer, the key to success in an era of mass communication.


It is website should be built by a team of professionals because it has to have an attractive design, an efficient and efficient organization of information and a correct construction, in order to get a good position in Google search.


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