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Area for articles and news

Reservation Engine

Presentation of spaces and surroundings

Map Map to show Points of Interest

• Newsletter platform integration (Newsletter Management, Monitoring of sending and receiving).

Testimony Module

Integration of Online Platform for Sale of Services and Products.

• Enrollment in the new Webmasters tools (from Google, Bing and Yahoo) of the new site, as well as the new content hierarchy (XML Site Map) in order to ensure the correct indexing of the pages and contents of the new website.

Implementation of a plugin that does (can check on our website 1 - Alert, Access and consent of the Cookies Policy (in the opening or access to what page of the website.) 2 - Creation of Privacy Center with user access to a range of required Tools. ( 3 - Creation of pages and forms required accordingly: Privacy Policy Page Terms and Conditions page Cookies Policy Page DPO Contact Form Form of Request of forgetfulness Form of request of stored data and later system of management of the same 4 - Implementation of checkbox, in all the forms, to guarantee the consent of submission of the same with the included personal data. In case of integrating the consent to the MailChimp form, its inclusion must be verified by MailChimp, as this tb data must be passed to MailChimp.

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- 5 Gb of disk space (this space includes website, database, and email) - 50 Mail Accounts - Database Hosting - Unlimited Monthly Traffic - Statistics and Daily Backups.

- 2 GB of disk space (this space includes website, database, and email) - 25 Mail Accounts - Database hosting - Unlimited monthly traffic - Statistics and daily backups.

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Integration of SEO Platform to optimize the contents for the Search Engines. Improves indexing.

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