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What are TripAdvisor's widgets?


Please enable cookies in the browser's preferences. Some widgets serve to showcase your most recent ratings and prizes, while others promote the best of your city or local area, link to your TripAdvisor page, or encourage customers to do business reviews.


 - Tripadvisor application for Facebook;
 - Customized buttons;
 - Reviews on your own website;
 - Disclose your rating on Tripadvisor, comments and awards received;
 - Promotion of your region;
- Receive free Tripadvisor stickers to put in your establishment.

Who uses the TripAdvisor widgets?


Hotels, sights, restaurants, destination promoters and bloggers use our widgets to promote your business or your location.

How do I add a widget to my site?


To add a TripAdvisor widget to your site, simply insert a line of HTML into the site's source code. It is also possible to send the required code by email to your webmaster.

Source: Tripadvisor for business

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